Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Auction Site Affiliate Programs

One group of affiliate programs that you may not have considered are the affiliate programs for auction sites. Right now many of the best known auction sites also have affiliate programs. And if you sell on any of these sites and have your own website why not make money by also promoting the website and web communities that you sell on?

One of the first and longest running affiliate program around is Amazon. Now I know that most people do not think of Amazon as an auction site, but they have auctions, zshops and a way of selling called market place that allows people to sell on Amazon. So if you are an Amazon seller it might be wise to also be an Amazon Associate (their term for an affiliate). All tracking and statistics are handled via Amazons Affiliate web site, where they have forums and resources that allow you to create links to be placed on your web site.

You can get more information by going to the Amazon's Join Associates page.

Sell your item at eBay!
Next in line is eBay. The eBay affiliate programis administered through Commission Junction, an affiliate network. By going to one of the forums that I have linked on the sidebar on the right you can read what other affiliates have to say about Commission Junction and other Affiliate Networks. As well as go to their web site.

By becoming an eBay affiliate, you will earn cash, introduce your site visitors to the tremendous value and selection of eBay, and be a part of the team that is building the world's largest trading community. Plus, you'll earn money every time someone clicks on your eBay link and registers with eBay. It's that simple!

You can generate affiliate links to be used on eBay by going to eBay's affiliate info page or at Commission Junction. Auctions! Easier, Cheaper, Friendlier! Overstock - Administered through Linkshare. As an Overstock affiliate you would be promoting a top 20 online store. Overstock (unlike many other programs) welcomes affiliates from anywhere in the world (excluding Romania & Afghanistan) and they pay all commission checks to affiliates in U.S. dollars.

Low prices on books
Booksamillion - Administered through Commission Junction, also has links that can be built into your web site. They might be a good fit for your site if you sell books are often refer to books. You can become a booksamillion affiliate by visiting their affiliate page here. & sell books music movies games - Administered through Commission Junction. With, your site visitors will find millions of books, CD's, movies, DVD's, and video games. Join today and you'll earn money for each new buyer sent their way.

Read about's affiliate program here

ubid - Save Now!
uBid - Administered through Commission Junction. Another auction site that offers merchandise in categories that range from computers and office equipment, home electronics to apperal and collectibles. As with other Commission Junction merchants you can generate the links at the Commission Junction site.

You can find more information about ubid's affiliate program on their information page here.

I thought the below banner from uBid affiliate page explained the affiliate program very well. - Administered through Commission Junction. Links for are generated at Commission Junction.'s affiliate program has as its stated goals to help you generate residual revenue, to help drive traffic to your site, to build barand recognition, and they do all the hard work for you. You can get more info on them by going to their affiliate program page.

Read about's affiliate program here.

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