Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A few more ideas about getting web traffic

I wrote about traffic in my last post. But I don't think I fully expressed myself on that topic. One point that I want to make is that traffic is really only a part of the story. The more the better right?

Well maybe not. You have to have targeted traffic, that means that the people who are coming to your blog or web site should not be people who are wondering around on the web and find themselves reading your blog, for no particular reason. It is true that it is called surfing.

You will read about attracting more traffic and get advise on which keywords to optimize for, but one of the important skills that I personally have been working on is what to do after you get the traffic. For example, you are reading this, why are you here. Well I hope it is to get some ideas about affiliate marketing, but I can't really be sure that is why you are here. And this is true of most of the traffic that you get to your blog, or website.

I have to ask myself if I am really steering the traffic that I get towards income generating pages. No matter what their point of entry onto my blog or my website is. And try to restrict the choices on transit pages to try to avoid loosing that all too valuable traffic.

I try to think of a set of actions that I want each visitor to choose from and then present them with a limited number of relevant options that lets them find the action page most appropriate to them.

I'm trying to learn to not distract my readers, and blog visitors from the reason that I have created this blog anyway.

I mean I would love if I could get hundreds of repeat visitors to this and my other blogs especially if I could get a conversion rate out of it.

I am starting to analyze my traffic better and to figure out where people are actually coming from, as opposed to where I think they are supposed to.

OK, I want to wrap this up with an idea that I been reading about lately. I have been thinking about ways to use online business networking communities that connect with other entrepreneurs like myself. My idea is get other entrepreneurs to do link swaps and joint marketing ventures. I found a few of them on the Web. They're kind of like dating or social networking sites but they are used by business people to find other like minded businesspeople so they can help each other out.

These sites can offer great opportunities for affiliates to establish joint marketing ventures with other affiliates, or simply to find link-swap partners who can help drive more traffic to their sites. These sites can also help generate traffic because some of them allow their members to create profiles that also can link to your affiliate sites. These links can serve as back links, and help ranking with the search engines.

If you join one of these communities, it is best to make sure that your affiliate sites are complementary to the ones that you partner with. It will help you if you and your partners attract the same kind of traffic. As an example, if you are an affiliate that sells books, than someone who is an affiliate for audiobooks might make a good fit to partner with.

Here are some business networking communities you may want to check out:



Eric Jones said...

Another one in a tangential realm: (my employer).

As a blogger myself I find the dichotomoy of the original philosophy behind blogs and its business evolution very interesting. I mean I think a lot of people like blogs because of the authenticity, content thats not contrived. Yet there is another wave of bloggers very interested in the SEO aspect of things. will be interesting to see what emerges out of it.

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