Friday, April 22, 2005

A deeper look at RSS Feeds

In yesterdays post I blogged about the Basics of RSS Feeds. In today's post I want to give a few more references that will give my readers a deeper understanding of RSS Feeds and how affiliates can use feeds to add content to their web sites and blogs.

I know there are not that many people in the affiliate marketing world talking about this. Many are arguing if content is even necessary to generate profits and are looking for new ways to attract visitors to their sites and to get visitors to click on the links of their merchants.

Some are concentrating on how to sell e-books that are outdated and do not address many of the leading edge techniques that can be used to create content and to attract readers and customers. But the net is not a static place, it is in a constant state of change and you have to be constantly changing with the times. The time is now for RSS Feeds.

My idea is that you can use RSS Feeds to easily generate content. And with rich and focused content you will be able to attract new customers. The reason that I share these ideas is that there is a bit of a technical hump that you have to get over to get the most out of RSS Feeds and they are so new that the really killer aps for them have not been created yet.

If you have any new ideas about how to use RSS Feeds to support and advances your affiliate marketing ideas feel free to leave a comment.

The below links are provided for your reading pleasure.

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