Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An interesting Article about the Business Blogs

The Business of Blogging

"An informal eMarketer survey finds that just 4% of major US corporations have blogs available to the public — and even fewer produce active sites with the link and feedback features that most readers associate with true blogs. Blogging by small businesses is probably even less common."

The above statement is interesting to me. It is one of the informative insights in this article found @ eMarketer.com. Another interesting statement made in this article is how many readers of blogs came onboard during the last political campaign, but there seems to be a bit of a stall going on in the readership of blogs in general. The article also makes some interesting points regarding research that is going on to determine the average age of those who read blogs.

The idea that blogging by small businesses is less common shows that there are many opportunities for small businesses to expand in this area. And many affiliate marketers could be considered as small businesses.

The question of the age of the readers of blogs is an important one. As someone who writes in several blogs I am often wondering how old my readers are and if I am connecting with them.

I think this article is a step towards understanding some of the trends that affiliates need to understand.

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