Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Local Affiliate Marketing Ad

The idea that I want to share with you today is an idea that dove tails very well with my last post (where I detailed how I created a blog for a local Plumbing business). A lot of what goes on in affiliate marketing is global, by that I mean many of your customers and the merchants that you are affiliated with are global businesses. You have very little face to face contact with them or you deal with them via the phone or through email only.

I think that it is a good idea to try to focus on local markets. As I stated in my last post the trend towards doing local marketing is picking up. And all the big search engines are trying to crack the nut of how to offer better local marketing too.

In keeping with that trend I thought that I would try Craig's List. So I created an ad that links to this blog. I also created a Craig's List ad for the blog that I created for my friend at Mini Rooter, the plumber. I think that the combination of using free blogs, and free Craig's List ads is a low cost winning combination that almost any small business can use.

Click here to see my Craig's List ad for The Affilinfo Blog.

Click here to see my Craig's List ad for Mini Rooter Plumbing Business.

As I pointed out the blog can be used by any small business to highlight goods and service that they offer.

If you are reading this because of my Craig's List ad, please read some of my first post to this blog, where I give tips and tricks for beginning affiliate marketers and give a lot of how to information. There is lots of good information about how you can use affiliate marketing to enhance you online business as well as ideas of how to break into affiliate marketing.

Please book mark this blog or add it to your list of favorites. Feel free to either email me or leave a comment with any question that you might have.


Scott said...

You are correct...Local advertising is gearing up for tremendous changes. I found this blog through the local Craigs List ad you mentioned, case in point. The way I see it, much (if not most) local advertising dollars are wasted. A few local businesses in every market (furniture sellers, car dealers, etc) have a budget large enough to brand themselves locally, but what about the small guy?

The real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, home service providers, etc. all largely waste their ad dollars on little local newspaper ads or postcard mailers. Why? Most do not offer potential customers their unique selling proposition, they do not present an offer to entice new business, and the do not know how to directly measure and optimize the results (if any) their ads produce.

For many local businesses, the Yellow Pages works but it can be costly and is it doomed by the current and future Googles of the Internet world? I think there will always be a need for a printed local business directory but add a better marketing format than the Yellow Pages with some technology, then you have a Yellow Pages for the 21st Century. I smell a business opportunity....I am working on it...local advertising is about to change, big time.

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