Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Note for Audiobloggers

If you are an audioblogger who stumbled on to my last few post you may be saying. "What is this guy talking about?" That thought occurred to me as I was doing work on my audioblog, called BackBeat. I mentioned in a recent post that I wanted to get the audioblogging community and the affiliate marketing community together, because I see a lot of opportunity for both communities.

Most affiliate marketers are looking for good ideas and ways to promote the merchants that they are affiliated with, and most audiobloggers are on a tight budget and do a lot of work building content sites for little to no pay. And my idea is that via the use of affiliate marketing techniques, audiobloggers can start making a little money on the side.

There are some audiobloggers who have figured out affiliate marketing, so most of what I have been writing is aimed at the beginning affiliate and the beginning audioblogger.

Having said all that, for you audiobloggers out there who have no clue as to where to start with affiliate marketing. Take a look at some of my earlier post and check out these two forums. a friendly forum where you can get questions answered and rub elbows with other affiliates.

ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum is an Affiliate Marketing forum for both newbie and experienced affiliates to learn and earn more by sharing information.


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