Friday, September 30, 2005

A Tool to Get More Traffic to Your Blog.

Like most bloggers I am continually trying to figure out ways to get more traffic to my blogs. So today I want to introduce a site that I think fellow bloggers and affiliates can use to get more traffic to their sites.

This tool is called a Referrer Feed and it is offered by the good folk over at In my opinion this is an awesome tool and I really like it.

A Referrer Feed allows you to instantly (as soon as someone visits your page through that link) see which website has a link to your site and on which page the link to your site is located as well as which page of your site they linked to. Perfect way for reciprocal link exchange - as soon as someone links to your site and sends you a visitor - return link to their site appears on your page! If their link to your site is removed - your link to them will disappear from your page automatically! No need to monitor!

And it does work. For example if you go to their site right now and add the refers code to your blog and then click back to my blog you will be on my refers list it is just that easy. And if you click on the line back to your blog on my refers list my blog will then end up on your list. Easy and cool.

One way that I like to use this is to locate other blogs that are using the Referrer Feed Service and then link to them. That way I get traffic from that other site, as some visitors exit their site via the refers list. Sometimes I find a great site and then I check out all the sites that are on their refers list. I can not tell you the interesting information I have found this way.

Other advantages of using a referrers feed;

  • It enhances your visitors experience by providing relevant links of interest.
  • Your site will get more links from other websites who wants a link back from you.
  • It is easy and fast to get started.
  • The service is free!
  • No approval needed and no registration.
  • Easy to install but is completely programmable.
  • Shows you how people are finding your site.
  • Allows you to see as well as show where your visitors are coming from.

Another referrer feed that you might want to check out can be found at

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