Friday, December 30, 2005

RSS Feeds the basics

As an affiliate marketer you want your blogs and web sites to have as much exposure as possible. One great way to increase traffic is to submit your blogs and web sites to use RSS Feeds that give searchers another channel on the web to find your content.

RSS feeds are becoming a popular way of transmiting and recieving information via the internet.

Because as more people create content for the internet and as more blogs, web sites, news services and other online publishers continue to grow in number and variety it becomes more important to maintain high visibility for your content.

In the past the web had mostly web sites which were built using HTML-based pages, and the search engines and other directories were the main ways that people found content.

"Well the times they are a changing."

With the increases in the number of content providers and publishers comes the migration to a new distribution channel, RSS. The savy consumer of information can use RSS newsreaders and aggregarots to keep themselves informed quickly and efficiantly while reviewing the increased number of sources.

So it does an affiliate well to understand what RSS Feed is and how to use it to increase the visibility of their blogs and web sites. The following links are provided as an introduction the the topic. RSS Feed's Introduction to RSS

Website Promotion with RSS Feeds - four tips by Thomas Korte

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