Friday, March 28, 2008

Flash Multimedia and Affiliate Marketing Security

Affiliate Marketers have to watch out for malicious online Flash multimedia created with all but the most recent authoring tools

Just when I think I understand some of the security problems associated with affiliate marketing, I read this article, "Web developers, fix thy Flash" by Robert Lemos of

According to the article;

Flash is a danger because of its ubiquity on the Internet. Adobe estimates that 98 percent of Web users have the Adobe Flash Player installed. Flash is widely used to create the advertisements hosted on most Web sites. Because the advertisements are generally provided by third-party services, using the affiliate networks to send out malicious Flash advertisements has become a serious vector of attack. A group of researchers found that malicious Flash advertisements could spread malicious code to more than 100,000 users for a fee of $100.

When this problem gets fixed it may require affiliates to redo all their flash multimedia links.

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