Thursday, July 24, 2008

So That is Why I've Been Getting Those Warnings

I just read a very interesting forum thread over at ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum. Interesting because it shows the thought process of some Affiliate Managers.

The Warning about inactivity thread made clear a few things that I did not understand about Affiliate Marketing. Even though I have been doing it for years.

1. Affiliate Managers will threaten you if they feel you are being inactive, what ever that means.

2. Some times Affiliate Managers will give you a carrot (increased commissions) too incentivize you to post more links for their program.

3. Some Affiliate Managers do this to increase their EPC (Earnings Per Click or Earnings Per hundred Clicks).

This all brings me to a couple of thoughts that I will write about more in the future that are important for the beginning affiliate.

1. How to choose your merchants with care.

2. How to handle merchants that threaten you.

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