Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Different Perspective on Facebook Advertising

While doing research on Facebook advertising I came across a very interesting post about the ads themselves. The post titled Facebook advertising is from the blog of the Community

The post itself is very interesting, but the comments are even more interesting. They explain what the women who read this blog don't like about many of the ads on Facebook. This kind of info is valuable to affiliate marketers and those who want to create ads for Facebook and other social networks.

Another interesting fact brought out in the comments is what some Internet users are doing to block ads. I had never consider this, and I don't know what the impact of it is. But it gave me pause.

One feature that I read about that I wish all online ads had was the ability for web surfers to rate the ads or even complain about them. This would give both affiliate marketers and affiliate managers better insight into what really works.

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