Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Discussing the Content Vs Buzz Question

There was a very interesting discussion going on over at the BlogCatalog.com titled Is Good Content Overrated.

I was surprised that some people really believe that you should focus more on buzz then you do content. I offered the following;
In my humble opinion, content is more important than buzz.

But there are many factors that go into deciding which is more important to you as a blogger. One major consideration is what are your goals?

Because different bloggers have different goals, they focus on different parts of blogging.

As stated some (1) blog for the joy of creating good content, (2) some blog for money, (3) some blog for recognition (comments), (4) some blog for the sense of community, and this list could go on and on.

So I think it is difficult to definitively say which is more important without taking the goals of the blogger into context.

What I enjoy the most is creating good content (and sometimes I think I actually pull it off), but I also know that I have to create a certain level of buzz if anyone is to read or enjoy the content that I create. I have to be part of a larger community that passes my blogs around and considers what I write.
All in all it is just good to get the opinions of so many different bloggers and to see what is important to them.

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Em's end said...

I really like this post and what it says. I think you are right on target ... it all depends on what's important to the author/creator. And I'm glad you also posted this on BlogCatalog. It never hurts to expand one's horizons!