Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Affiliate Blog How To: A Travel Related Blog

Ron Moorby - An awesome day - whalewatching

My online friend, fellow blogger and contributor to several of my other blogs Ron Moorby has a blog about a trip that he went on. Canada Summer 2007, is a collection of photos, and observations by Ron about what he did on this trip.

I thought it might be interesting to turn this blog into a travel blog and see if we could generate some passive income for Ron.

When I say passive income, I mean that Ron can take this blog that he created for fun, and place affiliate links on it. By placing affilate links on the blog he can sell books, photo equipment and other travel related goods and services. And over time it will generate for him some income that he does not have to do too much work to maintain. It will be there for as long as there is an internet possibly. And by using some of the features of search people will be able to find it for years to come.

Lets start our plan, by doing a pros and cons survey.

Here are a few of the pros;
- Ron is well traveled
- Ron has many photos of trips that he has made around the world
- There are many affiliates that offer goods and services that Ron could promote on his blog.
- Ron is a prolific blogger, he knows how to create post and put them into his blog.

Here are a few of the cons;
- There is a steep learning curve that Ron will have to climb.
- Ron will have to join affiliate programs
- Ron will have to learn how to post affiliate links
- Ron will have to market his blog
- It will be a huge investment in time

OK, now that we have a few of the pros and cons of doing this laid out. It helps to understand where we might need to start if we want to do this.

step one - Join affiliate programs - Here I want to keep it simple in the beginning, so we will have Ron join the Amazon.com affiliate program first.

And net start a google AdSense account.

I think these two affiliate programs are a good way for a beginning affiliate to get exposed to some of the ideas involved with affiliate marketing.

After Ron has taken this step, we will move on to the next step as well as get more into the total overview of our plan.

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