Monday, April 18, 2005

Affiliates who are also Online Sellers

The affiliate who is also an online seller has some options open to them that others affiliates do not.

1. No matter what you sell you can probably find an affiliate program that will complement your selling activities. For example no matter what you sell you can find a book that goes along with that item. And when you sell a widget, you can offer a book that goes with it. There are many affiliate merchants that sell books.

2. By selling goods online you also will have a base of customers that you can upsell the goods and services offered by your affiliate merchants.

3. Online selling brings with it a skill set that can help you succeed at being an affiliate. Online sellers have to learn marketing, web design, customer service and other skills that are helpful to the affiliate.

4. Even if you only drop ship, you may still reap some of the benefits of being an online seller.

For more tips and tricks that can help you integrate online selling into your affiliate activities check out my blog for online sellers.

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