Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Pay per click, like the name states pays you for each click that your site generates for a merchant. Not the most common affiliate model because pay per lead, pay per sale, and rev share are all more popular. One of my favorite programs Google Adsense is an example of a pay per click affiliate program. There are many options out there for a webmaster or blogger who is interested in this type of revenue stream.

Some of the advantages to the pay-per-click model are that you get paid whether or not the person clicking on the ad buys anything or not and the easy with which it is to set up most pay-per-click ad promotions.

Pay-per-click also has some disadvantages. The pay is less than what you could make for a rev share or cost per acquisition type campaign. And right now the biggest disadvantage is because of click fraud, pay per click affiliate programs are getting more and more difficult to find.

But it might be possible to use other models in addition to pay-per-click and measure the results of each campaign and then comparing them.

For example to calculate the cost per click of a rev share program, you would look at 500 to 1000 clicks (the more clicks the more accurate the number will be). To determine what you made per click divide the commission by the number of clicks. The model that creates the most revenue would be the one that you should focus on by giving it premium placement on your web site or blog, or maybe even using that method exclusively.

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