Sunday, August 28, 2005

An Idea for Affiliate Marketing

Here is an idea that just popped into my head. I can't help it, the ideas just keep coming and that is one of the reasons that I maintain the Affilinfo blog. The blog gives me a place to post my ideas and review and keep track them. I have to tell you that this idea has not been implemented by me yet and all the details have not been worked out. I'll leave that to you.

But I think that it could work for some enterprising affiliate who implements it. And truth be known some affiliates may already be using this idea. So it may not be the most original idea to come along. Anyway, here goes.

My idea is, to monitor auction sites like,,,, and see what are the most popular items or areas that items are being sold under. And then start a blog for that area or item. Once you start a blog for the popular items or the area that you are interested in, then you use the tools of affiliate marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), RSS Feeds, and web design to attract buyers to these popular items. And if you generate any sells then you earn a percentage of the price or a commission on items sold, or leads generated.

If you imagine all the people that are searching for a particular item as a stream, and you imagine that you can divert parts of that stream and tap into its income earning potential than it is easy to see how this approach can work.

If you have read other parts of this blog you will know that I am a proponent of using the most low cost methods available to you. So that is why I recommend that as a beginning affiliate marketer you use blogger or one of the other free blogging tools to start with.

So here are the steps to implement my idea;

1. Study auctions sites for popular items or popular areas to link to.

examples; indie music, Britney Spears , Aeon Flux , mp3 players, Brad Pitt , Angelina Jolie, etc.

2. Find and locate affiliate programs that provide links to the items in
step one.


3. Create a blog that can act as a focal point to discuss the popular item and link to the affiliate merchants items.



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