Friday, September 02, 2005

Blogging Hurricane Katrina

If you read any of my blogs you may know that my home town is Shreveport Louisiana. And I can not tell you how sad I am as I hear more and more bad news from my home state and the Gulf Coast as a whole.

The information flow is spotty and slow. Major News organizations are having a hard time getting out the news from this rural area of the country. The New Orleans Times-Picayune did not have a print edition for three days, they and other papers and TV stations are operating on the web.

A reader of one of my other blogs from anoter country said, "Thanks for the links - the info I get here is very general." So I thought a country boy like me might be able to help to gather some helpful links to inform and help the people of the area.


Before and after pics of the flood from flickr.

flickr photos for the neworleans tag.

flickr photos for the katrina tag.


The Times-Picayune




New Orleans Craigslist Community Board

Times-Picayune Missing Persons Forum

Red Cross-Salvation Army

CNN Reported Safe List

Full Circle Katrina flood Victims and familys board

Katrina: Family-Friends Forum

Vieux Carre (French Quarter) Life Forum


Polimom Says

New Orleans Metro Blogs

Looka at Gumbo Pages

Ernie the Attorney



FEMA: Where to Donate

Net Work For Good

Red Cross

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