Thursday, March 06, 2008

How to build an affiliate blog. Pt One.

In today's post I want to start a series that just popped into my mind while looking in the mirror this morning and wondering if I needed to shave. Because I work at home I decided, no problem and just as I made the decision not to shave the idea for this post popped into my head. Sometime ideas come out of no where. In an earlier post I mentioned that a great project for an aspiring affiliate marketer would be to start a music blog.

I have a music blog (BackBeat) that I have linked to in the past in this blog. So I know that it can be done. As a matter of a fact I have been planing to create several new music blogs. The idea is that if I blogged about the process of creating a new blog, for the purpose of providing an example of how to create a blog for affiliate marketing, new affiliates would find it instructive.

There is some great information on the internet about affiliate marketing, but there does not seem to be a lot of detailed information on the hows of doing it. My intentions here are to provide detailed information for the starting affiliate and show how you can get started on a shoe string budget.

What I will try to cover in this series of post is;
  • The Planning of a new affiliate blog. (oh my God not planning)
  • Selection of tools used on the blog. (This is where my inner Geek will shine)
  • Linking Strategies. (It is kind of like chess, with web pages)

I hope you enjoy this series and look forward to getting feed back from readers that have better ideas of ways to do things. And don't mind sharing them. Or just to hear your thoughts about what I am writing.

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