Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reading to get ideas and an interesting article.

Wow, I already failed in my attempt to blog everyday for 30 days in a row. Well actually I have written in most of my other blogs everyday for some time now, but I really want to write in this blog everyday also.

I believe that content is more important than anything. And if that is true then I need to create some everyday. But even though I think about affiliate marketing everyday, I don't always write those ideas down.

One of the things that helps me to write about affiliate marketing or create content for any of my blogs is reading about the subject matter. I kind of have to keep my ear to the ground for ideas, by reading on the subject. But sometimes I even fall behind in doing that.

I recently however read a very interesting article Monetization Options for your Web Content by Carsten Cumbrowski at

In the article Mr. Cumbrowski looks at the different ways to monetize content on the Internet. The common methods to monetize content on the Internet that he covers are; access/subscription fee, display advertising, sponsorships, contextual ads, and affiliate links. Then he list a few advantages and disadvantages of each and looks at various problems related to each method.

He then reaches some conclusions and discusses other problems with affiliate marketing. I think this article makes for good reading and may lead to interesting discussions in the affiliate marketing community.

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