Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to build a music blog: An Example For Beginning Affiliates. Pt. 5

OK, today I want to continue talking about mp3 music blogs as a vehicle for affiliate marketing. I know that some of you may be thinking what is this guy talking about. Well one of the things that I have advocated since I started this blog is that you should try to link various communities.

Well that is one of the things that I am trying to do in this series of post. I want to link the affiliate marketers and the audiobloggers. In my mind they are a natural match and it seems logical to me that every audioblogger should also be an affiliate marketer. And visa versa many affiliate marketers could benefit from having an audioblog or two.

A lot of information that you will read on affiliate marketing is not very concrete. No one is telling you exactly how to do it. No one is giving you good accurate information. Also technology is moving so fast that it is difficult to understand the best practices. This is true of both audioblogging and of affiliate marketing. That is why I thought it would be a great idea to provide some examples of how to do this.

Mp3 blogers, audiobloggers, what ever you want to call them, have an excellent format for affiliate marketing. So that is why I am continuing with the series. You could of course scroll down to see the post in this series, but if you are reading this for the first time here are the post in the order that I wrote them.

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Some Lite Reading RE MP3 Blogs

So here in part 5, I want to give another interesting article that I think speaks to the point that I have been trying to make that audioblogging is blowing up. Listen. And learn. form the

And a small blurb from the article;
Bay Area music journalist and scholar Oliver Wang, 32, whose site Soul Sides many bloggers look to as a model for its clear presentation and Wang's thoughtful essays, spent 10 years as a college radio DJ. He began posting sound files in February 2004, making him a granddaddy of the genre.
This quote led me to Soul Sides So You Want To Start an Audioblog page. Which is the take of one of the people who started the whole audioblogging phenomena. Mr. Wang's take on it, I think complements what I have tried to say in this series and it is good to read the ideas of a sucessfull audioblogger and learn form his experience.

And Tofu Hut (another popular audioblog) also has a guide to audioblogging from back in 2004. Check out his, HOW TO MUSICBLOG: pt. 1.

Finally I would like to say, that I know there is a different mind set of some audibloggers, they are not interested in commerce. And some of them may even feel that they are selling out by doing affiliate marketing. But when you consider that many audioblogs get hundreds and even thousands of hits a day.

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