Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Smaller Publishers May Get a New Tool

Smaller publishers don't have many CPM ad options. The AOL owned wants to change that, they are launching PubAccess an online advertising program for smaller publishers. PubAcces will give small publishers access to the ad network.

Publishers will have better control over their ad inventory, which I will have to say I welcome. I have had a difficult time making sure that the right kinds of ads show up on the various sites that I publish.

According to
You retain complete control over your inventory. You will be paid a guaranteed CPM on your most valuable impressions, and will be able to choose how best to monetize all of your remaining impressions - either earn a rev-share on all remaining impressions, or default out and have them redirected to a destination of your choice. Should you choose revenue-share, our optimization technology will determine the optimal campaign for your inventory. Should you choose to redirect, you will be able to manage the redirect destination for all of your placements. Regardless of which option you choose, you will always be able to control the type of campaigns that run across your inventory.

There is a minimum requirement of 500,000 impressions per month for the CPM program and no minimum for the affiliate program.

Check out PubAccess.

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