Saturday, June 28, 2008 Affiliates might want to watch the Kindle

I've been keeping my ear to the ground trying to understand how hard I should promote's Kindle. I think the device is really cool and want to get one soon. But aside from wanting one for myself, I wondered as an affiliate just how hard should I promote it.

Well if any of these articles are to be belived it is a device that is poised to make a really big splash. Some are talking iPod type splash.

So it seems that the Kindle is gaining traction, and my bet is that when it takes off at full speed affiliates who take the time to promote are going to be rewarded.

So where do you start? Well first you would have to join the Affiliate program, if you are not a memeber already then pleas click here.

Associates earn 10% in referral fees on the Kindle portable wireless reading device and Kindle Edition books. With Kindle priced at $359 you can earn $35.90 on each Kindle purchase you refer.

The Kindle can also be promoted on eBay's affiliate program too. For example consider this eBay affiliate link;

Kindle @ eBay

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