Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back To School Post

Just a friendly reminder to all you affiliates out there. Now is a great time to focus on back to school. Go through your list of advertisers, make a quick list of those who sell items that you believe can be promoted for back to school.

Start putting up your links as soon as possible. Consider the following list of items which most middle to college age students might need.

If need be, break your "back to school" post up into several versions. One for elementary school students and one for middle school and higher students.

Some items you might want to consider;

1. Backpacks, book bags
2. Lap Top computers
3. Desk Top computers
4. Media players
5. Cell phones
6. All in one fax/printer machines
7. USB Portable Hard Drives
8. Flat Screen Computer Monitors
9. George Formen Grill
10. USB Thumb Drives

Affiliate programs to join to sell these items;

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