Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Google is Retiring the AdSense Referrals Program

Google is retiring the AdSense Referrals program during the last week of August and are relaunching a new Google affiliate network.

The new Google affiliate network will actually be a new version of DoubleClick’s Performics Affiliate Network which they acquired in March.

I'm not that disappointed by this news because try as I might I could never get the AdSense Referral program fine tuned enough to work properly.

So one of this months goals will be to remove all AdSense Referrals from my various blogs by the last week of August. Then I'll have to decide what to replace them with.

I'm not sure on how the new Google Affiliate Network will work. I do have some questions about it. I am wondering if they will allow small publishers and little blogs like mine to participate in the program. But like many of the changes that occur in Affiliate Marketing there will be a learning curve to overcome. But I consider that part of the fun of Affiliate Marketing.

One feature that does not seem to be covered will be the "Google Products" links. This blog has used those in the past, but it appears that they will no longer be available. I hope that they come later because I liked trying to make money by referring people to AdSense, AdWords advertisers and other Google Products.

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