Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Are The Opportunities For Beginning Affiliate Marketers?

A comment on a blog that I read, went something like this, "there really are not any new opportunities for new affiliate marketers to make money."

I've also noticed an AdSense ad about how "Affiliate Marketing programs are overcrowded and too complicated." If you look at the AdSense on this page you may see it.

Even though I agree somewhat with the sentiment expressed in the ad, it got me to thinking about the opportunities for new affiliate marketers.

Well let's see, there are millions of products that can be promoted. New ones are introduced every day. Probably hundreds of thousands of niches that have thousands of related products and services. So that is one opportunity.

Online sales is at an all time high. And is projected to continue growing into the foreseeable future, even in the down economy. Some marketing professionals believe that because of the down economy growth in the online sales area will grow due to high transportation cost and other increases in the cost of shopping in brick and mortar stores. So that is another opportunity.

Affiliate marketing like all things related to computers is in a constant state of flux. Continuous change is the order of the day, and while this may seem like a difficulty, it is also an opportunity in that it levels the playing field a bit. Even well established affiliates have to learn new methods.

There are challenges for sure;

- There will always be competition, that proves that this is worth doing.

- The tax situation, and other unknown factors.

- The constant state of flux.

I will address these challenges in another post, but I believe that for the most part, the opportunities out weigh the challenges.

What do you think?

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