Monday, February 07, 2005

The long and winding road....

To let you know where I am at in my journey I thought I should tell you what I am doing, and what I have done so far.

I've started three blogs so far. And my plan is to generate interest and drive traffic via these blogs. I figured that I would do best to generate my own content. Because conventional wisdom is that content is king. And I am thinking that the content that I generate will be the best that I can get. So far I just want to write about what I know and I am hoping that will generate some traffic.

I choose blogs for their ease of set up and use. It seems to me that you can have a blog up and running in a matter of weeks. All told I have spent about eight hours of work on this blog. And for eight hours of work it looks OK. It is of course cookie cutter which I realize is a short coming, but it also has been easy and requires minimum set up.

As for Affiliate programs so far I have chosen Amazon, eBay,, (make sure that you spell this correctly there is another site that tries to down load some spy ware to your computer) , and I also am using Google's AdSense.

The Affiliate program is a standalone program. That means that it is administered by Amazon and not through an Affiliate Provider. Amazon has a special web site for affiliates that allows them to track their progress and the number of clicks and actual sells that they have received.

The eBay, uBid, and programs I entered through the Commission Junction Affiliate Provider. They provide software that allows affiliates, and companies that advertise via affiliates to track
and monitor their programs.

I have been learning how to create the needed links to place various ads on my blogs.

I am under the impression that if I continue this experiment for about six months, maybe I will generate some income through it. And we can all learn something.

Interesting Article Titled: Web Feeds, Blogs & Search Engines

This article seems to be saying what I have been thinking. It asserts that because blogs are so easy to publish and search engine friendly that they are better then having a web site.

We will just have to see.

As of today, my three blogs have all had 248 impressions and one click.

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